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So about a week ago, Muggins here decided to do Nanowrimo.

I think most people who've been around the Internet block have heard of Nanowrimo. National Novel Writing Month was begun by certified delightful loon Chris Baty back in 200-some-odd. The time is the entire month of November, when a globally strewn bunch of the slightly deranged who like writing and are sometimes cursed with what I call "Written Word Diarrhoea*" *raises hand* try to squeeze out a 50000 word novel in thirty days.

(50000 words is technically more like a novella, but I'm not about to piss on their parade because I'm cool like that.)

I've attempted it before; oh yes I have. I'm none too shy when it comes to writing novel length works. This is my fourth crack of the whip. In 2005 I thrashed out 32000 words, 2006's total was 14k, 2007 was around 10k and I hadn't done it since so my account disappeared. With regard long writing projects, November's not a great month for me as my birthday is the 20th and I tend to get distracted by a shitload of delightfully wicked social exploits at a very fragile point in the month.

But, BUT!! A week ago I became overwhelmed by a ridiculous urge to write a first draft of the second volume in my fancifully postulated trilogy. To amputate a tale that threatens to overspill; 42 Post-It Notes of frantic plotting stuck to our laminate floor later... 4185 words down on the page after day one and I am cruising towards 10% complete.

In all honesty, I'm not that bothered about reaching 50000 words. I'd just like to get as much down as possible in the next thirty days, as I'm making minor tweaks to vol one as I write vol two. To have a first draft of vol two waiting to be attended to once vol one is put to bed, will be ace.

And I'm loving it. It's so great to be pushing my set of characters and their stories onwards. I like to play with them; they've been around a long time (some longer than others). I particularly enjoy baiting Meg. One day you might find out why.

Like Whats'isname said, y'know, that thing I have on the bottom my emails. Flaubert, yes, that guy. "It is a delicious thing to write, whether well or badly... to be no longer yourself but to move in an entire universe of your own creating." - Gustave Flaubert.

You get a bit obsessed. Sometimes you don't quite live in the Real World but that's cool because the Real World can seriously suck the big hairy balls of Goatboy and why should you drag yourself down with all that shittiness?

I say no, No, NO! to Real World shittiness! And if it's wrong to dream a bit and walk the streets with your head in the clouds, I sure as hell don't wanna be right.

Just don't get run over by a bus.

Which isn't easy on Market Street...

* Thanks to Richard Polhill for putting my spelling right!


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Nov. 2nd, 2011 10:01 am (UTC)
Isn't 10,000 the cut off point for a novella? Less than 1000 flash fiction or short short story, 1000 - 10,000 novella and 10,000 + short novel??
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