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'Tis a special Friday Flight of Fancy, dear friends!

Extracted from my current work in progress, Seven Worlds Will Collide. 'Extracted' as in 'removed'. It's a shame, I originally wrote this piece at least five years ago and it's one of my favourites. Enjoy!

You won’t see hide nor hair of her again in this tale, but Mavis Suet from this end of Gladstone Street doesn’t understand why people would want to go into space.

“Space is empty,” she told her late husband Wilfred in 1957 when Gagarin went into space and the whole of Gladstone Street crowded into the Cadge family's front parlour at number 27 to watch the news coverage. “It’s Earth that’s full.” But oddly enough it may even have been Mavis, who was the first woman on a Mars bar in Shirley’s paper shop on Melford Road but only because Shirley’s son Phil dropped one beside the counter and evacuated the shop in a hurry.

Incendiary, it was. Like Napalm, it was.

Shirley later confided to Mavis that she was just grateful that her auburn frizz of hair didn’t catch light that day and leave her as bald as a moorhen, particularly since at that moment she’d just sparked up a fag out in the back room.

Life on Gladstone Street is something quite unlike life on Melford Road, which abuts jauntily with the former by way of Charlie’s Legendary Chippie and leads to worlds unknown in this lunchtime. Perhaps one day Mavis will pack up a modest bag of sandwiches and follow the one-way road against the flow of traffic up Gladstone Street to find out the source of the Tomato Ketchup.

But then everyone likes a bit of sauce with their cod and chips, especially Lovely Rita Meter Maid, who’s always desperate for a dash of slap and tickle up against the elm tree by the pond on the water meadows on a moonlit night in May. Her bosoms heaving against the thin cotton of her blouse and her bare buttocks scraping up against the raw bark…

But then again, who wouldn’t?


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Nov. 20th, 2012 06:37 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday!
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